Rebecca Sun Collins is a designer based in Toronto. Her interest in traditional techniques and material exploration intersects with a rational, mathematical method to create layered objects with a unique approach to understanding culture. 


2021 Bachelor of Craft and Design
2013 Bachelor of Engineering


Palette Table

Exhibited at Project 107 Gallery, Toronto, 2024.

Corten Steel, Concrete

Marc Santos
The outdoor environment exhibits signs of weathering through changes in colour, texture, and composition. When ferrous metals are exposed to moisture, rust acts as a pigment, colouring rainwater and leaving its mark on surfaces below. The Palette Table utilizes this staining process to celebrate the painterly qualities of rust. The linear steel profiles that make up the tabletop are held in place by a concrete base. When the Table is exposed to rain, the rust colours the water and drips down the concrete canvas in a striped pattern. As the Palette Table continues to weather the stripes are reinforced, responding to its environment with its own natural decoration.

The Palette Table was a part of Double Entendre, an exhibition that aimed to give intention to undesirable phenomena. Emerging designers from Toronto and Montréal participated in this exhibition during the 2024 DesignTO festival. Showing at Project 107 Gallery in a building waiting to be demolished, the gallery embraces impermanence, fitting with the show’s central theme.

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