Rebecca Sun Collins is a designer based in Toronto. Her interest in traditional techniques and material exploration intersects with a rational, mathematical method to create layered objects with a unique approach to understanding culture. 


2021 Bachelor of Craft and Design
2013 Bachelor of Engineering


Twofold Light

Exhibited at Erin Stump Projects, Toronto, 2022.


Sean Davidson
The Twofold Light explores the ancient art of paper folding using Tyvek, a synthetic sheet material. Unlike paper, which becomes more opaque when scored for folding, Tyvek becomes more transparent as its fibres are pressed together. The scoring technique used to create the crisp geometric form of the Twofold Light is repeated to cover every surface of the lamp, resulting in a mesmerizing luminescent pattern.

The Twofold Light was a part of Slanted/Enchanted, an exhibition that celebrates improvised production methods. On show at Erin Stump Projects during the 2022 DesignTO festival, the exhibition featured objects from twenty artists around the world. The purpose of the show was for participants to engage in experimental crafts which may fall outside the traditional canon of their discipline.  

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